Stain Concrete Floors Yourself

For those who have a few hours free through the weekend, then you have plenty of time to stain concrete floors yourself. This do-it-yourself project can lead to floors you can be very satisfied with. When using an acid based stain you'll be getting a floor that is virtually maintenance free. The chemical reaction between the minerals within the floor and the acid from the stain make it so the color will not fade when dealing with the elements, and will not peel from heavy traffic.  -stained_concrete-

If this is the first time you may be staining concrete floors yourself, that might be a good idea to invest in an all-inclusive concrete staining kit. These kits contain nearly everything you should get started, and many even come with a step-by-step guide on how to do the whole process.

You shouldn't be intimidated using this project, even if you are having an acid based stain. It's a great job for both new and experienced do-it-yourselfers to dive into. The key to working with acid, even a low level acid similar to the stain, would be to take all the proper precautions for safety. For example wearing thick shoes, long pants, long sleeves, rubber gloves, and splash guard goggles.

Make sure you read up on process beforehand, so you have an idea how it works before you start. If you are using a kit you do not need to worry about purchasing all of the different materials, but if you usually do not then make sure each of them work together. By this I mean only use a sealer which is recommended by the company who makes your stain. Quite often the company you buy your stain from can offer you both of these items together.

There is absolutely no reason for you to have ugly concrete surfaces any more. With just a few hours of work you can have beautiful floors that people will mistake for extremely expensive stone. -stained_concrete-